How to Lubricate a Noisy Garage Door

Is your garage door making loud, squeaky sounds? Worry not. The majority of these unpleasant squeaks can be easily resolved by using a bit of garage door grease. Whether you have a manual or electric garage door, it features metal components such as chains, door springs, hinges and rollers that need lubricating or oiling occasionally. This article provides a step by step guideline in regards to how to fix noisy, squeaky garage doors on your own. Read More 

Understanding Your Options for Residential Security Doors

The exterior entrance door is the most vulnerable part of a residential building. Generally, these structures are built resiliently and designed for long-term service. Unfortunately, when the home is warm on a fair day, it is easy to ignore the need to lock the door in order to enjoy the cool breeze. A security screen door is fabricated to allow you to leave the front door open, without compromising the safety of your home. Read More